Customer Reviews

I was once a photojournalist myself so I was a picky customer. Getting documentary photographs that would tell the story of our wedding for years to come was my number one priority when we were planning the big day (in fact, I didn't get much say in anything else). Logan exceeded our unreasonable expectations and we can't recommend her enough. 

 -- Greg & Jill, Bride and Groom


Our family has used Logan's service three times now and have never been disappointed. Because Logan has a unique ability to keep everyone relaxed during a photo shoot the photographs do not seem "fake" and unnatural. She has a wonderful calming effect and a great sense of humor. Enloy!

 -- Sally, Family Portrait Client


Logan was great to work with, both during my bridal portrait shoot as well as the wedding and reception. Instead of being front and center, she blended in with the crowd and got some great shots. This is great, especially if you're feeling shy or feeling like you have to pose. I really think she captures you at your best when you don't know she's there.

-- Kathleen, Bride (and Bridesmaid)


You are the first wedding photographer who I didn't hate.

 -- Gary, groom


Your photos have caused quite a stir among my friends. They love them. Two men I was hunting with this past Saturday made a point of saying they were using you once their daughters got married - no dates yet! And Ed thanked me at least twice for sending them to you.

There were no women around prompting this talk, either, and it is pretty rare to have a dirty guy with a shotgun and a cigar get excited about wedding things.

 -- Estes, guest 


Our session with Logan was an outstanding experience! She is excellent with kids, pets and grown ups. Our pictures are a real treasure. Highly recommend Logan Wallace.

 -- Dana, Family Portrait Client


I've been a photo editor for years so when it came to selecting a photographer I was so particular. This one time I did not want to be thinking about the mechanics of photography, I wanted to relax and have fun knowing we were in good hands. I looked at many sites and after talking with Logan chose her based on the strength of her online portfolio and easy manner. Her prices were reasonable and commensurate with her skill level. I couldn't have made a better choice. Logan was professional, but easy going in a way that made her a pleasure to work with. Her flexibility helped us find a deserted stretch of beach and the light that evening was magical. The wind was also blowing which made for nice whitecaps in the photos, but our hair and gowns were going every which way. Logan joked that if our hair weren't blowing people wouldn't believe we were actually at the beach and that easily everyone stopped worrying about the wind. I cried when I saw the beautiful proofs. I wanted every one. Highly recommended.

-- Kate, Family Portrait Client


Logan was so easy to work with and made the entire bridal party feel comfortable. We were beyond pleased with our photographs - she captured moments, not simply took pictures.

 -- Kristin, Bride


My daughter had a great experience working with Logan and her pictures turned out great! Ordering was easy and delivery was quick. All in all a very enjoyable experience and great photos, too.

 -- Ann, Senior Portrait Client 


Logan chronicled my wedding day in a true photojournalistic style! She took gorgeous formal photos, tons of candids at the church and reception, and got the edited proofs to us in a matter of days. I highly recommend her!

-- Allison, Bride


Omigosh - what's not to recommend? She's both personally likable - so easily fit in with the group and what a pleasure to work with - and professionally incredibly competent. I am thrilled with the pictures. She was right on top of what was happening, yet I was barely aware that she was there. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

 -- Susan, Bride


Logan was awesome as our photographer. She also did our engagement pictures which were amazing. Anyone looking for a fantastic photographer should select Logan Wallace

 -- Ashley, Bride


Logan Wallace is an artist. Without any reservation, I recommend her. She was a pleasure to work with, and she took photos of us and our family that really captured the spirit of everyone's unique personality and the spirit of the day. She caught moments of intimacy and brilliant fun. Her slideshow of our wedding makes us laugh and cry, and our family and friends shared that the slide show had the same effect on them. Tell her what matters most to you, and she listens to you and captures that.

 -- Susan, Bride


Logan was amazing. More than taking a photograph, she captured the emotion and feeling of our ceremony and reception. She was laid back and efficient, but pays attention to every single detail. We are already thinking about the next time our whole family is together for a beach portrait session.

 -- Jennifer, Bride


I cannot tell you how much I love the photos. I could not have imagined a better slideshow. You are an amazing professional, but my favorite part of it was your personality and how to me you just felt like part of the group.

 -- Jill, Bride


Logan's photojournalistic style was exactly what we were looking for, and not only did she deliver on giving us incredible photos that truly told our story; she also made the entire process stress-free from the initial planning through the big day.

 -- Michele & Phil, bride and groom


She is as good as it gets! I got married 8/1/09 and her (my) pictures were incredible.  She worked harder than I could have imagined.  She took so many beautiful pictures.  I did not have to tell her what I wanted because she knew what she was doing.  She captured things that I did not even notice.  She is the type of photographer that grabs every precious moment.

I highly recommend her!

 -- Kristen, bride 


I have always loved you Logan, but I gained a new appreciation for you when I was in a wedding a few weekends ago! There was this crazy photographer who was all up in our faces, making us redo the Kodak moments! It drove me nuts, and all I could think was...she should have hired Logan!!! You're the best!!

 -- Kellie, bride 


I am so regretting that I chose a different photographer for my wedding. I was so disappointed, I only used him because he was so cheap but I was not happy with ANY of the pics and there must have been over 700. And he made us do those god awful poses and the dreaded ok 123 every one jump in the air, ugh!! At least my family and friends got some good shots, but still a horrible mistake to make for my wedding day! My future family photos will DEFINITELY be taken by you Logan, you really are the best!!

 -- Carrie, bride


I wanted to let you know that Colleen and I sincerely appreciate all of the work you did for our wedding. We love the photos. For me, the images really nail the moments as I felt them, if that makes sense. Thanks again for everything.

 -- Dave, groom 


We have gotten so many compliments on our wedding pictures-can't thank you enough!!

 -- Susannah, bride 


I browsed thru the shots a moment ago and I'm completely speechless. They ARE GORGEOUS!!!! You captured everything we wanted and all of the things that we were completely unaware of because we were so in the moment. You have done something completely priceless for us and our families with these photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 -- Adrianne, bride


You did an AMAZING job!!! My mom watched the slideshow and said she laughed and cried! She wanted me to pass along that she agreed that the pictures are fantastic. I love the moments you captured!

 -- Elizabeth, bride


Logan Wallace Photography is the only way to go! Tell your bride. She will thank you later...

 -- CT, groom



I wanted to thank you again for your work at Hazel's wedding last week. Of course, I haven't seen the photos yet but I'm sure they'll be wonderful. What impressed me most was your professionalism. As I told you, we go to a lot of weddings. I've done some limited wedding photography, Nancy has done more, our goofy son Michael who kept getting in your way (I'm sure) with the video camera did quite a bit of wedding videography in high school. My biggest gripe is a wedding photographer who gets in the way of the fun during the reception or takes forever after the wedding for the sole purpose of getting enough images to bump up the sale. I've wanted to strangle a couple of photographers recently. You were so well prepared and so unobtrusive that I forgot that you were even taking photos. Again, thanks for your very professional approach to capturing some of the memories.

 -- Rick, father of bride


Ok, we absolutely love the pics. I thought you were good, but I never imagined you could make US look so good. You are incredibly talented by the way. 

 -- Hazel, bride 


I'm still amazed every time I see the pictures

 -- Ann, bride 


I also want to thank you again for taking such great pictures and for getting them back to us so quickly! One of my bridesmaids got married a month before me, and she still doesn't have her pictures back yet! You're the best!

 -- Shanda, bride 


Logan-- the pictures are AMAZING!! All of them are so good, we couldn't be more pleased. Thanks! I have no idea how I'm going to pick for the album but Brian and I will look through all of them this week and get back to you soon with our choices.

Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job. My friend is engaged and is probably planning on getting married in Wilmington so I'll be sure to recommend you! 

 -- Molly, bride


WOW!! Thank you so much for photographing my wedding. The photos are amazingly beautiful. Every chance I get I like to look at them. The DVD was also amazing. Mom and I watched it over and over again when we first got it. People have only great things to say after viewing the photos online. You are a great artist and I truly appreciate your work! THANKS AGAIN!

 -- Katie, bride 


Just wanted to thank you for your hard work on Molly's wedding day. You did a fabulous job - even though I haven't seen any pictures. However, I have no doubt that they will be fabulous as well. I had lots of people mention to me how much they liked you. Other than the 20 minute weather delay, I felt like the wedding was absolutely PERFECT and everyone had a great time.

 -- Chris, mother of bride 


Megan just told me this morning that the slide show was ready. The photos are wonderful! I've already gotten an e-mail from a family friend who couldn't be there saying they were the best she'd ever seen. I'm glad you got photos of the send off since I stayed back at the community building.

You're a wonderful photographer.

 -- Jane, mother of bride 


You are so speedy. :) I have been meaning to reply to you and tell you how great the pictures are! We got so excited to see the night in pictures, as it was all a blur. Thanks again, we have nothing but good things to say about you and all of our friends and family have been asking about you. So, thank you.

 --  Terrell, bride